Gameplay Scripting, Game Design


Engine: Unity 5


Language: C#


Duration: 7 Weeks


Team Size: 9


Platform: PC


A top-down thriller game that takes place in an underwater base in the Baltic Sea. Make your way through the unstable base keeping your oxygen as a precious resource: Will you share it with other crew members and thereby risk your own life?

Or will you keep it for yourself to stay safe? Experience a horrifying story, unfolding events; not sure if they are real or not.

My Contributions:

Scripted the player movement and did most of the gameplay scripting.

Also animated and scripted most of the different events that the player can trigger.

Player Movement:

One of my responsibilities in this game was to script the player movement that should only use the mouse as inputs.

The player avatar rotates and moves towards the mouse position when the left mouse button is held down. The player interacts with things in the level by pressing the right mouse button and examines things with the middle mouse button.


To achieve this I first sets the target position by getting the current position of the mouse cursor and then rotating and moving the player avatar towards that position as long as the player is pressing the mouse button.

Scripted Events:

In this project I was also responsible for most of the level scripting and scripted events that the player could trigger in the game.


For this I created a scripted event system where a trigger holds wanted events (like camera shake, playing a sound, activating an animation etc.) and each event gets called once the player activates the trigger. The different events also have a custom delay function so the level designer can time when they shall be triggered.

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My name is Niclas Bohman, a QA Engineer & Gameplay Scripter,

currently studying Game Design at Futuregames in Stockholm, Sweden.


My goal with my career is to have a job that interesting and fun at the same time. A job that I can be proud of and that engages me.

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