A.I. Scripting, Game Design


Engine: Unreal Engine 4


Language: Unreal Blueprints


Duration: 2 Weeks


Team Size: 7


Platform: PC


A top-down arcade game inspired by Pac-Man and Luigi's Mansion created during the very first weeks at Futuregames.

You play as robot with ghost-vision and your task is to catch all the ghosts that has fled the ghost chamber before your creator, Dr. Mad, comes home.

My Contributions:

Scripted the A.I. -behaviours of the ghosts and the final boss. Also did some level scripting like lights that reacts to the ghosts, visualization of the captured ghosts in the ghost chamber and created some in-game cutscenes in Unreal Matiné.

Ghost AI:

In this project I was responsible to script the A.I. for the ghosts and the final boss.Due to the limited production time we had on this game I decided to go for a simple state machine and a waypoint patroling system. The different states the ghosts can enter are; Patrol, Chase, Stunned and Flee.


They all starts in the Patrol-state, except for the boss that starts in the Chase-state. Each time a ghost switches state it also changes color, making it easier for the player to recognize which state the ghosts are in.


The Patrol State & Waypoint System:

To make the ghost patrol around in the mansion i created a waypoint system where the ghosts moves towards a waypoint that is placed in the level. Once it reaches the waypoint it acquires a new waypoint for their next target.


The availible waypoints and their order is set on the ghost character itself, making it easy for the designer to pick patrol area for the ghosts.

The Chase State

When the player gets into the ghosts detection radius, the ghosts enters the Chase State. In this state the ghosts chases the player and if it is within range also damages the player.


If the player runs out of the detection radius the ghosts returns to the patrol state and continues on with its patrol-route.

The Stunned State

The ghosts enters the Stunned State when its within range of the player and the player tries to catch the ghost (or the player taps the capture-button to get out of a tricky situation). In this state the ghosts movement stops for a brief amount of time.


It is also in this state the ghosts can be captured by the player by holding down the capture-button. The boss ghost will vanish and spawns a number of boss-ghosts when stunned. The boss-ghosts will then spread out around the mansion and the player will have to vanish them to all to get to the next stage of the boss battle.

The Flee State

This state is entered when the player delivers a ghost to the chamber. All the remaining ghosts then quickly moves to their next waypoint. After a brief amount of time they then enters the Patrol State (or the Chase State if it is the boss).


The boss ghosts also enters this state when they are spawned from the boss, this way they quickly get scattered throughout the level.

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My name is Niclas Bohman, a QA Engineer & Gameplay Scripter,

currently studying Game Design at Futuregames in Stockholm, Sweden.


My goal with my career is to have a job that interesting and fun at the same time. A job that I can be proud of and that engages me.

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