Gameplay & UI Scripting


Engine: Unity 5


Language: C#


Duration: 10 Weeks


Team Size: 8


Platform: PC (smartphones as controllers)


A local multiplayer brawler game created in Unity 5. The game runs on a PC or a tablet and the player's connect to the game with their smartphones that then acts as a controller.


The goal of the game is to try to take the ball from the center of the arena and take it to the other opposing team's goal area, this while avoiding the arena traps that are ranomly spawned as well as the attacks from the players in the other team.

My Contributions:

I did most of the gameplay scripting and UI scripting and implementation.

I also did all of the animation scripting and implementations.

Trap Tiles:

The arena is filled with tiles that randomly spawns different traps. Each tile has five different traps. When the match starts the TrapControl-script gets all trap-tiles and randomly selects a number of tiles that shall activate a trap.


The Tile-script then randomly chooses one of its five traps and pushes it up to the arena. The trap is active for a set amount of time before it disappears again, and the TrapControl-script selects a new tile to spawn a trap.




Laser Fence

Spikes Trap

Electric Fence

Vortex Gate

Bear Trap

GUI - Score Bars:

We wanted to have score/energy bars at the top of the screen fills up when the teams scores. The bar increases by 10% when a team scores and decreases by 5% each time someone in your team dies. When a team reaches 100% they win the match.


To achieve this I looked into the scrollbar-component in Unity and realized that I could change the size of the handle to make the scrollbar into the GUI-element I was looking for. Even better, the handle size ranged from 0 to 1 making it very easy to convert into percents by divide the score by 100.


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My name is Niclas Bohman, a QA Engineer & Gameplay Scripter,

currently studying Game Design at Futuregames in Stockholm, Sweden.


My goal with my career is to have a job that interesting and fun at the same time. A job that I can be proud of and that engages me.

Copyright @ 2017 Niclas Bohman